Being at constant war with yourself is a struggle we can all relate to on one level or another. My aim is to help you tackle these physical and mental problems to hopefully create a more active, healthy and comfortable you!

On this blog you will find tasty recipes, simple workouts and a track of my own progress to show you that it is possible!

I learned the hard way about how to care for your body and nurture it. From a young age I was over-weight and unhappy. I decided to take drastic action going to the gym 3 times a day, every day, living off water and cups of tea, occasionally I would eat to the point where I threw up and, then repeat. This way of life is NOT advisable and I suffered greatly from it, having to take trips to the doctors and hospital constantly, in complete denial that I was ruining my body!

My collection of pictures below shows how my body has completely changed through the process of my journey so far. Your body can change in drastic ways, it is your mind that needs to take the first step!


Far Left – 16 years of age – size 14

Top middle – 17 years of age – size 6 – recovering from my eating problems

Bottom middle – age 19 – size 12 – start of my new fitness journey

Far Right – age 21 – size 8 – fittest and healthiest I have ever been…this can only continue…







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